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What Financial Assets Can You Trade With Binary Options?

There are a number of benefits to be had from trading with binary options. One the major advantages to this form of trading is the simplicity with which it can be picked up. The concept is easy – you just have to correctly forecast if the price of an asset will move higher or lower by the time the end of the contract is reached.

Another important area where binary options offers both new and even experienced individuals a number of trading advantages comes down to their flexibility. As well as offering a wide range of trading contracts to allow you to profit from different markets outcomes, there is also an ever growing range of different assets which you can trade in your account.

Few financial trading platforms achieve the ability to trade such as wide range of different financial assets from one central platform as binary options. From just a single account you can access and trade on most major global assets.

The key financial asset classes that you can trade with your binary options broker include –


This is the most traded financial markets in the world with in excess of over $4 trillion dollars exchanging hands daily. As you would expect, a wide number of currency pairs feature highly on the brokers asset list. Virtually all brokers will offer the major Forex pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/USD. You will also find a variety contract on some of the more exotic currency crosses available at most brokers.


A popular way in which to make money from financial markets is to trade global indices. These major Stock markets can be traded within the confines of their opening hours with any of the major binary brokers. Popular Indices to trade include the DOW, NASDAQ, FTSE, CAC and DAX, with many brokers offering 10+ to trade.


Major international stocks such as Google, Amazon and Facebook can be traded through a binary options broker. While the range offered at each broker will differ, expect to find a selection of the top stocks from key markets in the US, Europe and Asia.


Two of the most popularly traded commodities are gold and oil. You can also find a good range of ‘soft commodities’ to trade at many brokers. These include Corn, Coffee, Sugar and Cotton.

Having access to this wide range of different assets is good from a trading standpoint for two key reasons.

Firstly it means that you don’t have to switch between accounts to trade for example, Forex and stocks. Both are available on your trading account. It takes only a few ‘clicks’ of the mouse to switch your trading between markets.

Secondly, having access to these assets from your binary options accounts actually opens up many new markets to ordinary traders. Certain markets, in particular commodities are often hard to gain access to. These are historically hard markets to gain access and normally require high minimum transaction amounts of $10,000+.

Of course, when using binary options you can access these markets with defined risk and earn high profits. You can also profit from price moves on these markets with contracts from as little as $10 depending on your broker.